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Green Tea Extract

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Green Tea Information


What is Green Tea Extract?

Premium Quality Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract is derived from green tea leaves. The leaves come from an evergreen shrub, Camellia sinensis, that was first cultivated in China thousands of years ago. Today green tea and green tea extract is produced in many countries. The young plant leaves are used for making tea or green tea extract. Steaming the leaves produces green tea.

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Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Although green tea and black tea are harvested from the same plant, studies have shown that green tea has six times the antioxidant properties of black tea.
Besides being a potent natural antioxidant, some studies indicate that green tea extract may help to promote healthy circulation.

Other studies have indicated it may be useful to help the body slow the aging process, destroy free radicals and promote overall health and immune function.*

Green tea extract may possess a number of attributes in addition to the benefits listed above. It also increases the rate at which the body burns calories and enhances fat oxidation.*
120 capsules, 275mg

Green Tea Extract
Professional Strength – Supports the immune system & protects against oxidative stress caused by free radicals*

Premium Quality.
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