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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Liver

There’s something about Spring that spurs the urge to clean out the “stuff” that seems to accumulate everywhere—in the closets, the garage, your junk drawer.

It’s also a good time to turn some of this energy inward and do a little “spring cleaning” on yourself—with a detox.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of detoxification, our article The Natural Way to Detox…and Why You Should will get you up to speed. But in a nutshell, a detox is designed to help support and enhance your body’s ability to rid itself of waste and toxins.

Toxic Burdens

In our modern world, we are increasingly exposed to harmful chemicals in the air, water and food we eat. Recent studies found 212 chemicals in the average person’s blood and/or urine, 75 of which had never before been measured in the U.S. population. Among these chemicals are compounds found in rocket fuel, paint strippers and fire-retardants.

Your liver and your kidneys (along with your blood, bowel, lymphatic system and skin) have the incredibly important job of processing and eliminating these chemicals and other toxins via sweat, urine and feces.

A detox can help your body flush out some of these toxins while also giving your body a chance to rest, repair and regroup. While detoxification is not appropriate for pregnant or nursing women, most others can benefit from a detox one to four times a year. Traditionally, detoxing is done at the changing of the seasons, such as the end of summer/beginning of fall, but particularly as winter transitions into spring.

Since Spring is upon us, we wanted to tell you about our new detox formula, Clear Balance Complex. It is our most comprehensive detox formula containing 38 ingredients including 19 vitamins and minerals as well as key herbs, amino acids and essential fatty acids that promote normal detoxification. Clear Balance Complex also supports normal inflammatory response and healthy glucose metabolism. Because it’s free of cholesterol, trans-fat and iron, it’s perfect for mature men and women.

Clear Balance Complex joins our other detox and liver support formulas: Milk Thistle and Detox Nutrients.

Quality Assurance

As with every product, CNCA Clear Balance Complex meets CNCA superior quality standards that include third-party testing for purity, potency and authenticity.


Centers for Disease Control



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