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Fruits, Veggies Make Your Skin Glow

Fruits, Veggies Make Your Skin GlowDid you know the origins of the saying You are what you eat date back some 70 years to a book title of nearly the same name? Or, that the book, You Are What You Eat: How to Win And Keep Health With Diet, was written by nutritionist Victor Lindlahr who argued rather presciently that foods are medicine?

We doubt Lindlahr wouldn't have been very surprised about the results of today's blog post, a two-part study detailing the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for your skin.

Scientists from Scotland and the UK assessed the skin color of patients in relation to their diets with the help of a spectrophotometer, that measured how different parts of the light spectrum were absorbed by the skin. Generally, patients who had a "healthier glow" ate a diet chock full of fruits and vegetables with carotenoids (spinach, melons, yellow and red peppers), antioxidants linked to a reduced risk of some forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The latter half of the study was even more interesting. Patients were instructed to adjust the skin color on 51 faces they viewed on a computer screen to make them look as healthy as possible. When given the choice, participants selected a skin color enhanced by eating more carotenoids than getting a suntan.

All the more reason you should learn more about lifestyle habits you can incorporate safely to protect and enhance the quality of your skin, and not the latest "miracle cream."

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