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Women Can Walk Away From Stroke

Women Can Walk Away From StrokeIf you were skeptical about the value of walking for your health, this latest follow-up to the Women’s Health Study about the benefits should put any doubts to rest.

Specifically, women who invested at least two hours a week hitting the pavement lowered their overall risk for any stroke by 30 percent, compared to those who didn’t walk at all. And, female patients who walked at a more brisk pace (almost 3 mph) decreased their risks by 37 percent.

The other interesting takeaway from the study sheds some new light on a report we posted in this space about the true health value of walking your dog over joining a gym: The most active female patients lowered their odds of succumbing to any kind of stroke by 17 percent, compared to the least active.

Another reason doing the little things -- like choosing the right foods -- can have such a profound impact on your health.

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